Development Of Rare Earth Fluorescent Pigment Has Great Prospects For Space

Conventional fluorescent pigments are the strontium sulfide, barium, zinc or barium. A small amount of sodium chloride (flux), copper chloride (trace activator) extracted from the mix.

In recent years, China has also developed a rare earth has the same advantages of fluorescent pigments. Compared to traditional fluorescent pigment emitting higher brightness, afterglow for more than ten times. In particular, China has rich rare earth resources, the end of cheaper prices, but also to produce research and brought a lot of convenience.

Rare earth photoluminescent pigment is a light-induced the luminescent pigment is the use of specific rare earth elements 5d --- 4f electron transition principle, by absorbing natural light, light, ultraviolet light, energy storage, in the dark or at night the energy released in the form of visible light, unlimited repeat absorbance --- emitting process.